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It's rare to find a company in Irving, TX these days that says it will be there for you whenever you need it to be and truly means it. We enjoy that we give so many people peace of mind with our quick response time and 24-hour availability. We also appreciate the trust that comes with allowing us access to the garage of your home or business.

Elite Garage Door Service Irving, TX 972-538-2325With some garage door repair companies in and around the regions of Irving, TX, workers seem more focused on their phones and talking with each other than they do on completing the task at hand. We have a singular purpose when we come to your home or business and that is to repair or install your garage door in the most efficient manner possible. Our employees listen intently to how you describe the issue so they know how to get started with the job.

Each residential and commercial structure in this community is unique. That means some have garages that can only fit one small car while others hold several vehicles and other types of valuable equipment. The new garage doors that we sell and install reflects our understanding of the wide range of styles and options out there. We are happy to help you review all available options and narrow it down to a list of possibilities for your new garage door.


Weatherstripping is a process that seals cracks between your garage door and the wall to keep cold air, warm air, rain, high winds, and other variables of the weather from causing damage. Moisture is the enemy of garage doors because it causes them to corrode faster than they would otherwise.

When you don’t have weatherstripping in place, hot and cold air enters the garage and can make it unbearable to spend more than a few minutes in there. It also raises your utility bill because your HVAC system expends so much effort trying to maintain an ideal temperature. You can increase your comfort while reducing your heating and cooling expenses by having Elite Garage Door Service perform professional weatherstripping for your garage.